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I have recently commenced my postgraduate studies at the Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences Centre for Doctoral Training, University of Oxford, where I am undertaking various courses which equip us with technical skills and knowledge necessary to carry out interdisciplinary research at the interface between theoretical and experimental biology. Recently I have completed the two 3-month rotation projects: first at the Computational Biology Group at Oxford in collaboration with the Cardiac Electromechanics Research Group at King’s College London, and next at the Oxford Protein Informatics Group. I have decided to pursue my second project in my DPhil because of the constant challenges it poses and the friendly group of peers whom I share my time with!

Before coming to Oxford, I graduated from the University of Sheffield, with a First Class Honours degree in Bioengineering. Over the period of studies, I was awarded the Mappin Medal and Premium in Bioengineering and the Sheffield Graduate Award in recognition of my academic and extra-curricular achievements.

With an interest in computational modelling and exploiting the expertise in biomechanics at Sheffield, I worked on a number of research projects: first at the Center for Computational Imaging & Simulation Technologies in Biomedicine (CISTIB) modelling brain vasculature, next at Insigneo Institute of in silico Medicine on in vitro bone tissue engineering with bioreactor, and finally at the Theoretical Mechanobiology Group modelling the evolution of intracranial aneurysm. Traversing between experimental research and computational modelling techniques, I found myself well positioned for the research at this interface, with the understanding of experimentally driven approaches and a strong numerical background to formulate models.

Aside from academic work, I am a fairly quiet person, usually indulging myself in guitar playing, punk-rock music, watercolour painting. When opportunities arise, I participate in short filming projects – I produced two short videos for promoting the University of Sheffield as an International Engineering Ambassador. At Oxford, I am a project leader at the Engineers Without Borders, participating in the Decoding Programming project. I am also a part of Research Careers Beyond Academia, an initiative to inspire and support researchers’ transition from academia to the industry, in collaboration with the Careers Service.