Control Theory

The Engineering Black box is possibly one of the first few things that an engineering student is exposed to. What we try to do is to build a model based on physical laws, then propose how we can implement the system such that it is robust - can reject disturbances which is not captured in the … Continue reading Control Theory

Epitope Prediction

Epitope is the antibody-binding region on the cognate antigen. Predicting what kind of antigen surfaces bind to a known antibody is useful in reverse engineering the antibody to target specific antigen. EpiPred is an algorithm for such prediction based on graph models. The score imposes greater weights on clusters of interactions, ie. the more robust parts … Continue reading Epitope Prediction

Antibody Modelling – Immunoinformatics

In the battles with infective diseases, warriors fight to protect their country - your body. They are the (un)known warriors, antibodies. The specificity of an antibody is determined by its paratope (antigen-binding site), which is mainly made up of complementarity-determining regions (CDRs). There are 3 CDRs on each of the two polypeptide chains (heavy and light chains) … Continue reading Antibody Modelling – Immunoinformatics